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Custom Storage

The library uses the sessionStorage as the default storage mechanism. If needed, you can create a custom storage implementation, e.g. to use localStorage or cookies. A storage provider is implemented as a class with the AbstractSecurityStorage interface and the read, write and remove methods. The following example shows a custom storage that uses localStorage:

import { AbstractSecurityStorage } from 'angular-auth-oidc-client';

export class MyStorageService implements AbstractSecurityStorage {
read(key: string) {
return localStorage.getItem(key);

write(key: string, value: any): void {
localStorage.setItem(key, value);

remove(key: string): void {

clear(): void {

Then provide the class in the module:

imports: [
config: {
// ...
providers: [{ provide: AbstractSecurityStorage, useClass: MyStorageService }],
exports: [AuthModule],
export class AuthConfigModule {}