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Using Access Tokens

The access token can be used by calling the getAccessToken() method.

Accessing the access token

You can get the access token by calling the method getAccessToken() on the OidcSecurityService

this.oidcSecurityService.getAccessToken().subscribe(at => ...);

or for a specific config:

this.oidcSecurityService.getAccessToken('configId').subscribe(at => ...);

You can then manually use the token within HttpHeaders when performing an HTTP request with Angular's HttpClient:

import { HttpHeaders } from '@angular/common/http';

this.oidcSecurityServices.getAccessToken().subscribe((token) => {
const httpOptions = {
headers: new HttpHeaders({
Authorization: 'Bearer ' + token,

Revoke the access token

Access tokens can be revoked using the revokeAccessToken() method. If you provide the access token as a parameter, any access token from the same Security Token Service can be revoked, if the Security Token Service supports the revocation endpoint.

revokeAccessToken() {
.subscribe((result) => console.log(result));